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tl_files/www/kropka.JPG Innovative store shelving labeling system

tl_files/www/kropka.JPG New cheaper technology available for every budget!

tl_files/www/kropka.JPG Unlimited variety of label designs

tl_files/www/kropka.JPG Automatic creation of store maps

tl_files/www/kropka.JPG Ease of installation, intergration and maintenance

tl_files/www/kropka.JPG Zero energy consumption


I-mag electronic store shelving labeling and store area management system.


We invite you to watch video showing the operation of the i-mag system.

The video is available below:


The i-mag electronic store shelving labeling system wasdeveloped to assist personnel in the process of labeling store strips and goods and management of the organization of goods in the store.

The i-mag system is based on a copyrighted concept of magnet printing, which is a world-wide innovation. The new technology allows the use of displays on the entire length of the store shelving and free disposition of the dispaly areas using zero power and at a very competitive price.

The functionality associated with the electronic tagging of store shelving complements software for managing the process of labeling and allows automatic map projection of the store and placing of goods down to the exact location on a shelf.


Display on the entire length of the store shelving

The new technology used in the i-mag system allows the use of the entire length of the store strip for conveyinginformation about goods. The space can also be used for the conveying of any information for clients, for example,promotional texts, simple graphics and company logos.

Free disposition of display areas

The space on the display strips can be freely managed. It is the personnel working in the store on the shelves who decide in which exact place the label is to be displayed, and where graphic symbols or slogans can be found.

Unlimited variety of label designs

The i-mag system includes a tool for the management of label appearance. On the basis of predefined templates it also enables you to create your own designs. The template of a label assigned to an item can be changed from the management program as well as by changing the contents of the labels on the shelf.

Solution for shelves crammed with goods

In every store there are shelves where the number of different goods is so large that it is problematic to fit labels for each item in the correct place. The solution for such a situation in the i-mag system is organized printing. Specially prepared templates allow for better management of the space on the strip and as a result the display of significantly greater amounts of labels.

Zero energy consumption

The patented, copyrighted technology of magnet printing applied to the conveying of the content of electronic memory to store strips with a special medium is a very eco-friendly and economical solution. It replaces paper labels. I-mag store strips do not use energy at the time of changing the contents of labels or while displaying information. The new technology is in addition significantly cheaper than LCD technology or e-paper.

Automatic creation of store maps

The digital map of the store building is the perfect tool that allows the efficient management of store area and distribution of goods on the shelves. This map is created automatically during normal operation. The system is informed about the location of each item in the process of loading and scanning of goods

Detailed identification of the location of the item on the shelf

The digital map of the store allows identification of the location of an item down to the exact place on the shelf. A change in the price of a product which appears in several places in the store causes the activation of a procedure to change the price in all locations of the product concerned. When changing the contents of the labels, the personnel can verify the location of the item in the store.

The benefits of installing the i-mag system:

  • full information about product and its price (including in graphical form);
  • integration of information on the label with the cash register information;
  • easy and quick creation of label designs based on predefined templates for labels;
  • changes in the price of products require minimum commitment of time and personnel;
  • ability to place on the label a lot of additional product information in addition to its price;
  • completly centralized control of information directed by the store to the customer;
  • efficiently manage location of products - digital map of the store, planograms;
  • additional incentive to purchase through the ability to display special promotional messages;
  • faster service at the counter;
  • no need to verify the prices of the goods in the reader;
  • elimination of labor costs associated with paper labels, changes in prices, checking prices on the shelves and elimination of errors in prices;
  • affordability of the solution - new cheaper technology.


Elements of the i-mag system:

I-mag Magmet

A device using a novel magmet printing technology to display anywhere on a special medium the content of electronic memory (labels, graphics, promotional texts, information, company logo, etc.).



I-mag display

Store strip with a special medium that does not use energy at any time.


I-mag Planner

Software for the management of location and labeling of goods in the store.

It manages the labeling of goods in an easy and efficient way by analyzing inventory data and processing it into a list of tasks to be performed by means of the i-mag Magmet device.

Each item can have your label design. A digital map of the building shows the datailed location of the item in the store.



Principles of operation

The architecture of the system is extremely simple. The software for managing the location and labeling of the goods in the store, on the basis of data from the warehouse program, generates a list of tasks to be performed. With the use of USB connectors, the task list is recorded in the i-mag Magmet. The personnel equipped with the device are guided from shelf to shelf with the aim of applying all the changes to the shelf display.

The communication is two-way. Changes initiated by the personnel working on the shelves are recorded by the system when exchanging data. Hence the system always contains an up-to-date picture of the position of the goods in the store.


The benefits of installing the i-mag system:

  • time and cost savings
  • better customer service
  • increase in sales
  • clear information about prices and promotions
  • comprehensive solution for the store


I-mag i a system whose functionality greatly improves the process of labeling, provides new quality of store strips, improves the aesthetics of the displays of goods, allows visualization of the arrangement of goods in the store and store area management. These factors allow you to significantly improve results in retail units.